Wisconsin Propane Gas Association

The Wisconsin Propane Gas Association is a trade and membership service organization providing services that communicate with propane marketers, suppliers, builders and consumers throughout the State of Wisconsin. The Associations' primary purpose is to promote awareness and the growth of propane usage as a safe and reliable source of energy. The WPGA assists with education relating to the propane industry and upgrading the level of professionalism propane consumers can expect. 


Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council

The Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council has been established to provide propane marketers in the state of Wisconsin with Employee Safety & Training, CETP Training. Customer Awareness and Product Marketing. You as a propane marketer are automatically a part of the Propane Council Program through your PERC dollars. This website is designed for you to receive PERC updates, and Safety & Training locations. The Wisconsin PERC is linked to the National Propane Council.